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Is Your Company Looking to Hire a New Purchasing Agent?

Have you ever struggled to find the right person for the job? In a time when 50% of Americans are wondering if the nation has elected the best person to be president of the United States, it is likely that many can relate to the dilemma of finding the most qualified candidate for the job. And no matter what your political preference is, we can all agree that even if the election had swung the other way, there still would have been 50% of the population thinking the elected official was not qualified. And while the highest position in the […]

You, Too, Can Green Your Shipping Process

If you are interested in pursuing more eco friendly shipping policy, there are steps you can take to your items or products where they need to go while reducing your carbon foot print. There are even “green” air and ocean partners who you can work with to reach your goal. Tips for Greening Any Shipping. Limit your shipping to only when you absolutely must do it. A great many items can be sent via email, for example. While it may seem like a perk, resist the urge to throw in extra items. This leads to additional waste that can be […]