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Get Filled In On The Water Treatment Process

One of the most important substances for sustaining human life is water. If you look around, you will find water everywhere. You drink water, you use it to wash your body, and you even use it wash other items. The toilet that you use needs water to function as well. There are many random and important facts about water such as the fact that 20% of anyone’s fluid intake comes from the food that they eat. The calculated average amount of water a man needs 3 liters and a woman needs 2.2 liters. Also, whenever your body feels thirsty, that […]

Keeping Your Family Safe and Healthy With a Home Water Treatment System

Poets often get it right, needing only a few words to put the larger issues of life in perspective. Thus W.H. Auden wrote that “…putting first things first: Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” Water is what sustains life. Pure drinking water is not a luxury, but a necessity. Impure drinking water is a leading cause of mortality in poorer countries. In the U.S., impurities in drinking water can have chemical or biological origins, but both can endanger health. In home water purification systems that filter water at the point of use are the only way to […]