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Get an Excellent Small Office to Start Your Business with Storage Container Innovation

Are you thinking of starting a business? Would you require the ideal space to use as a small office or pop-up store? If the answer is yes, there are a number of hurdles that you need to cross on your journey to acquiring the right space which can be a solid foundation for your business. Purchasing a ready-made space for an office is always an option, however expensive it might be. Another option is to get some land and plan the construction yourself. This way, you can have access to a space that is completely custom-built for your needs. This, […]

Two Reasons to Use Shipping Containers When Moving to a New Location

Moving is always stressful, no matter who is moving. Offices may be required to move to new locations, and individuals may find the need to pick up their families and find a new place to call home. Rather than trying to deal with using several boxes for each room. Individuals can find better options to help them though, when they pick new or used shipping containers for sale instead of dealing with endless moving boxes. Read on to find two benefits of using shipping containers. Shipping Containers Can Be as Small or Large as Customer Needs Dictate Shipping containers can […]

The Benefits of Using Portable Offices at the Job Site

It’s fairly normal these days for companies to have employees that have to work away from the physical office building during projects for a period of time. A good example of this is a supervisor or foreman on a construction site. They still need to be able to take care of their regular office duties during this time so often times they will try to set up some sort of temporary office at the site. This can cost the company a lot of money as the worker travels back and forth between the main office and the job site for […]

The Benefits of Cargo Container Modifications

What are cargo container modifications? These are changes made to cargo shipping containers to give them a new purpose. For example, you can turn a cargo container into a mobile office, a container pop-up shop, a camping structure, or even a backyard granny pod. 40 foot shipping containers are the most common containers being modified and repurposed. Some of the most common modifications being made include adding doors, windows, shelving, and locking mechanisms. You can also add modifications to run utilities to the contain