Clothing donations

Why You Should Donate Your Used Clothing

We all have more clothing than we know what to do with. After all, up to 20 billion different garments will be consumed by the general American public with each and every passing year. This means that the average person now consumes are double what someone just 20 years in the past would. And while the average woman living in the United States just about a century in the past would have only just an average of nine total outfits, the average woman of today is actually likely to have around 30 of them, meaning that she has effectively around […]

4 Methods for Reducing Next Year’s Tax Liability

Tax season is right around the corner. While you might not be able to affect last year?s taxes, this is a great reminder to improve this year?s tax situation. If you were dissatisfied with the outcome of your taxes last year, you will want to focus on additional ways to reduce your liability for the coming year. Track your business expenses in a more organized method When you own a business or spend funds for work, you can usually write these costs off. However, it is important that you organize and track them. You should never write off something that […]

The Importance of Back to School Charitable Donations

With back to school time upon us, children and families are preparing for the transition of summer into the school year. Many children have already gone school clothing and school supply shopping. Other children, however, are unable to shop for new clothing and will have to wear the same worn out and poorly fitted clothing from last year. Some may even be required to wear their summer clothes for a good portion of the fall season. There are a few ways that you can help these families in need. Donate clothing and school supplies As you take your children back […]