Coffee bag packaging

How Often Are Your Purchase Decisions Based on Visual Presentation?

It is hard to ignore the tea packaging. Every time that you sit down for breakfast, brunch, or lunch you intend to select the standard tea bag, the kind you use at home. In the end, however, you actually end up selecting one with a far more colorful and appealing tea packaging. Food packaging labels often matter, but when a diner has a chance to select from several different tea packages in a glass container on the table, the packaging might matter even more. From printed coffee bags to protein powder bags, there are many times when the decisions that […]

Benefits of Using Custom Printed Shopping Bags

Businesses today and especially retailers have realized the immense benefits of customizing their shopping bags. Unlike in the past where such customization was seen as a cute gimmick, today’s customization is a game changer in the retail world because of the advertising aspect of it. Approximately 52% of online consumers have affirmed that they would make another purchase to a business if they receive their products from the first purchase in a customized bag. This is the reason why retailers are leaving nothing to chance when it comes to such customization. There are certain products that require a little bit […]

Designing the Right Packaging for the Job

Companies always want to find new ways to increase sales of their products, and marketing research dedicates time and money to finding out just how to do this. While marketing campaigns such as signs and online advertising (which now includes social media), advertising does not end with signs and online ads that bring consumers into the store. Once shoppers are actually inside a store, a new set of advertising and message-sharing media is used to convey information such as new products, sales, discounts, and clearance, and this is where shelf price tags, in-store signs, and packaging are all used to […]