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5 Tips to Help When You Want to Buy Used Storage Containers

There are a lot of shipping containers traveling around the world and many of them are not being used. While there are more than 17 million shipping containers, only six million of those are actually being used. This means that 11 million steel shipping containers are sitting around and not being used for anything at all. From storage to housing, to mobile offices these could be used for a host of things. Peter Thiel, of PayPal, wants to use these shipping containers to create floating communities in the ocean, for example. If you need containers, you may be looking to […]

How to Prevent Illness in Your Workplace

How can you make your office environment better for employees? In a recent survey, researchers discovered that there was a correlation between the number of people taking sick days, and the number of people who had to work together in a single room. Perhaps not surprisingly, working around an increased number of people leads to a greater propensity for viruses to spread. Every year, the effect of sick days and sick employees who come to work anyway costs businesses millions of dollars in productivity. So what can companies do to counteract this effect and get more work out of every […]