Custom price tags for retail

How Accurate Is Your Grocery Store Pricing Practices?

The neighbors are always complaining that the locally owned grocery store rips them off four out of five times they shop there. Your wife tells you that you do not read their signs carefully. Just this evening, in fact, your wife was with you and you had her verify the shelf sign, Dr Pepper 2 liters, five for $5.00, limit of five, Must buy five. When you got home and checked the receipt, they rang up four for $4.00 and charged $1.99 for the fifth one. This is not an exception but it is the norm for the local store. […]

Trying to Target Customers 5 Ways Signs Can Increase Sells in Your Store

Shoppers are unique individuals, and a store has more mental control over a shopper’s purchases than they may realize. Majority of consumers make more than 80% of their purchase decisions once they have entered the store rather than outside of the store. More than half of these purchases can be defined as impulse purchases that consumers purchase after seeing sale prices. Price tags for retail store sales plays an important role in these decisions as more than 60% of Americans admit they made a purchase because of interest drawn solely from a store sign. Read below to see how you […]