Digital led sign boards

Four Ideas For Improving Your School’s Scrolling Signage

Marquee signs for schools are a great idea. After all, the evidence shows that they really do get noticed. Polls show that 58% of people learn about something they’re interested in from a billboard, and more than a third of people say that they read outdoor ads every time they pass them. An even larger number, 71%, say that they often look at those digital signs and electronic message boards for schools or businesses, as well as at traditional signage. The danger of all these marquee signs for schools is that they become boring and predictable. In fact, who hasn’t […]

Increase Your Customers Loyalty with Better Digital Signs for Business

Do you use your commercial business signs to build your brand and increase your customer loyalty? Too many businesses are not taking full advantage of their digital signs for business and that is really too bad. New LED business signs are can be used in a wide variety of places and do do a number of things that traditional signs just cannot do. andnbsp;1. Give people different ways to place their orders. Do you run a restaurant? A coffee bar? Any kind of place where people come in and place orders? There are a number of ways to make that […]