Effective neutral mediator

Getting the Right Patent Law Specialists to Represent Your Company

In this day and age, quite a lot of progress is measured by the quantity and quality of innovations that private institutions come up with for their own use. Innovations drive the business market in the country, and for companies to come up with their own innovations and ideas, there needs to be the presence of the right amount of incentives. For businesses, the thing that drives the need to come up with new innovations and interesting ideas is the eventual intention that these ideas would be patented and used to generate profits for the company, or licensed to other […]

4 Tips for Success During the Mediation Process

These days, more and more non-criminal cases are avoiding the court system by settling through alternative dispute resolution. In fact, while in 1962 some 11.5% of federal civil cases went to trial, only about 1% actually make it to court today. Mediation is one form of dispute resolution that has proven to be successful. Here are four tips to ensure success in any mediation process. Be involved In order for mediation to be effective, all of the essential personnel must be involved. That means that decision makers need to be present. Who is considered a decision maker? When the dispute […]