Employment discrimination

Four Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

In the summertime, there’s nothing like hitting the open road, letting the wind blow through your hair and driving to visit new places. Everyone think they’re a good driver and chances are you’re pretty confident about how you handle yourself on the road. But you know what? No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen in a flash. Don’t think it can happen to you? Think again. Studies have shown that the average American drive is involved in three to four car accidents in their lifetime. The chances of dying in one are just 1 in 645, but the […]

Learn More About Labor Racketeering

Through television, many Americans have learned about the criminal justice system. It has been reported that more people learned about their Miranda Rights from the show, “Law and Order” than from any other source. Other areas of law have received less attention. Areas such as intellectual property law, employment law, and environmental law do not get the same treatment. Many people have heard the term “labor racketeering” but do not really understand what it is. The National Criminal Justice Reference System has released a report on this very topic. They published “

How Lawyers Are Saving the Environment

Pollution is a major concern for most people. In fact, almost half of all Americans are worried about air quality. Between indoor and outdoor air quality, carbon emissions, particular matter, sulfur oxides, volatile organic compounds, radon, methane emissions, and refrigerants, there is quite a lot to worry about. Pollution continues to to remain on the minds of Americans and cause stress. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to combat pollution. And environmental law, as well as maritime law and maritime litigation, are just a few examples. These areas of the legal system help to protect the environment, regulating privately owned […]