How to make your office more comfortable

Why Soundproof Spaces Matter

In many places, quiet is hugely important and being able to be in a quiet space is something that many people look for. Take, for example, when you stay in a hotel. There are never more complaints than there are noise complaints, and this type of complaint is by and large the most common for hotels throughout the country. People get up to all kinds of different things in hotel spaces, and it’s important that their neighbors can hear them so easily. Taking the time to soundproof hotel rooms, therefore, can have a truly huge positive benefit. At the end […]

Why a Phone Booth Office Design is the Best Way to Go

The very first thing employees notice while working in a phone booth office design is a new sense of privacy, especially those employees who are used to the open plan office layout. Recent studies have concluded that when employees working in privatesoundproof booth, their job performance greatly improves. Employees can talk to a client on phone, work out a deal, and built a rapport better in private as compared to when their colleagues are listening. Studies have also found out that soundproofing the working space enhances concentration of workers with about 48%. Below are four reasons why organizations need to […]