Induction forging furnace

Induction Heating Furnaces Offer Precision and Control in Metals Processing

Metal is still the basis for our lives, from the steel that goes into making buildings and automobiles to the gold and silver that define value. This makes electromagnetic induction, used for heating, welding and shaping metals in many different industries, one of the basic processes. This process provides the metals for precision casting businesses, and has applications in the auto, manufacturing, construction, transportation, aviation, pharmaceutical and other industries. A foundation of steel Metals underpin our lives, from housing to transportation to pharmaceuticals. Steel is one of the most important metals in our world, used as a basic material in buildings, […]

The Work of a Metal Melting Furnace

Metal has long since been a staple construction material for humanity, and early metallurgy in Europe and the Middle East represented a turning point for pre-historic societies, such as the Bronze Age. Fast forward many centuries, and metal has become a dominant material for construction, and often for larger scale projects. Modern buildings call for metal such as I-beams and more for office buildings, and metal is also needed for large industries such as the automotive industry for the millions of cars and trucks that are built around the world, and other machines like tractors, bulldozers, trains, aircraft, and more […]