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The Right Price Tags and Signs for Business

It is not enough to merely manufacture or stock a piece of merchandise. Customers will be drawn to an item or brand name and choose to buy it because of the marketing work that the retailer has done, and this takes a wide variety of forms. Retail price tags, branding control, grocery store signage, shelf tags, and much more are hard at work to send persuasive messages to customers across the United States. Advertising takes many forms, both inside and outside the store, and marketing budgets can be quite large to figure out ways to draw a customer’s attention. No […]

Trying to Target Customers 5 Ways Signs Can Increase Sells in Your Store

Shoppers are unique individuals, and a store has more mental control over a shopper’s purchases than they may realize. Majority of consumers make more than 80% of their purchase decisions once they have entered the store rather than outside of the store. More than half of these purchases can be defined as impulse purchases that consumers purchase after seeing sale prices. Price tags for retail store sales plays an important role in these decisions as more than 60% of Americans admit they made a purchase because of interest drawn solely from a store sign. Read below to see how you […]