Natural stone slabs

Differences Between Natural and Engineered Stone

It’s incredibly important for hospitality destinations to look accommodating, especially the lobby. You’ll typically find that the lobby is one of the first areas visitors will see when entering your business. While thinking about the look of your lobby, many prefer to add stone. You’ll have two main choices of stone: natural or engineered. In this post, you’ll learn the differences between natural and engineered stone. Choosing Between Engineered and Natural Stone It’s understandable to think that all stone is technically natural which is true. However, engineered stone is different due to the fact that it goes through a few […]

4 Benefits of Utilizing Ceramic Slabs

The history of ceramics can be traced back to slabs of clay used around 14,000 B.C. Ceramic slabs have had many uses throughout history. Many companies begin finding ceramic slabs for sale when it’s time to make renovations. It’s common for ceramic slabs to be used within a bathroom. However, ceramic is a material that looks extremely great within any room of a building. Here are four benefits of using ceramic slabs for your next design project. Lower Cost It’s understandable to want to find slabs that won’t cost a huge sum of money. Many companies utilize ceramic slabs solely […]