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Why Clean Streets Matter Here In The United States

From parking lot sweeping to street sweeper trucks, most communities all throughout the United States have some system in place to keep the streets clean. Parking lot sweeping and street sweeping alike are essential in this regard, as they can remove both larger debris as well as smaller debris, even debris that is on a microscopic level. For many communities, illness would run rampant and businesses would struggle with parking lot sweeping and the typical street sweeping service were not already in place. For instance, street sweeping is essential for the removal of large debris from the streets, such as […]

Why Your Business’ Outside Matters

A clean and tidy space makes for a happy customer — and while the interior of the store is often the focus, businesses also need to consider what their exterior space communicates about their business and how it can be used to entice customers in. The parking lot and street areas are often the very first point of on-site contact for a consumer and an untidy, grimy space can put potential buyers off. Invented and patented in 1849 by C.S. Bishop, the first street sweeping machine revolutionized city streets. Road sweeping services are a must in high traffic areas, cutting […]