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Why Every High School Needs a Digital School Marquee

A recent poll found that 68% of respondents frequently made their plans for shopping from the car. This decision-making process might be related to the fact that just over 70% of people often find themselves glancing at both digital and traditional-style roadside billboards. It’s a very common human reaction to have your attention drawn to a moving object, which is good news for the average school marquee. Do Signs Help Bring In More Customers? Signs bring in customers. How? By letting people know that the business is even there. Many companies would lose business if their signage was different. Consider […]

Church Congregation Throws Shade at the Chargers Following Move to LA

On any given day you will see outdoor LED signs for businesses, churches, schools, and even along the highway. While these signs are often informative — even inspirational — there are a select few that really stand out and get real attention. Last month, a church marquee sign made an unexpectedly sly comment against the now-Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers, which were formerly native to San Diego, are making the move to LA next season. This move has put team owners, executives, and fans at odds with the NFL. Many have completely denounced the team, and some have even burne