Paper coffee bags

A Guide to Commercial Food Packaging Bag Information

There are so many forms of packaging for products sold across the globe. Now more than ever before, people love to look at the packaging and the designs as well. Furthermore, customers care about eco-friendly packaging that is safe and healthy for the environment. As a result, commercial food packaging bag designs are a priority for all kinds of businesses. A study has recently revealed that over half of all Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee on a daily basis. This is one product that deals with a nice commercial food packaging bag design. Plus, the information on […]

Tea and Coffee In the World

We often take the variety of beverages we have for granted. Whether we are just in the grocery store reading a custom printed coffee bag, trying to decipher a resealable pouch of fruit juice, reading tea packaging, using a coffee bag with valve or just carrying our drinks in organic paper bags, we don’t often tend to think of the amazing options we have to choose from. But how did we get this amazing variety of beverages in our lives? Has it always been this way or was there a time before the advent of modern packaging and delicious, easily […]