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Here are 3 Tips For Packaging E-Commerce Items

Product packaging is everywhere you look these days, for every type of product imaginable. Even for items that are sold online and not in a store feature packaging of some kind, and it’s important that they continue to do so. Without the proper packaging, consumers wouldn’t be nearly as interested in certain products as they would be otherwise. This article is going to take a look at several tips for how various e-commerce items should be packaged in order to be effectively sold. It Needs to Be Eye Catching: One tip for packaging e-commerce items is that the packaging needs […]

Designing the Right Packaging for the Job

Companies always want to find new ways to increase sales of their products, and marketing research dedicates time and money to finding out just how to do this. While marketing campaigns such as signs and online advertising (which now includes social media), advertising does not end with signs and online ads that bring consumers into the store. Once shoppers are actually inside a store, a new set of advertising and message-sharing media is used to convey information such as new products, sales, discounts, and clearance, and this is where shelf price tags, in-store signs, and packaging are all used to […]