Professional commercial cleaning

Have You Considered Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Home?

It is a luxury that is worth the money. For $130 every other week, the cleaning crew comes in and thoroughly cleans your 2600 square foot two story homes. Four bathrooms, four bedrooms, and everything in between. According to your husband, the best part of the decision to hire the cleaning crew is that they have made a major improvement in the master bathroom. They seem to have the methods and the best supplies to make the older shower and two long bathroom counters look better than ever. In fact, right after the cleaning crew has visited, it is easy […]

Why Your Desk Could Be Making You Ill

If you are the slightest bit squeamish or germ-phobic, it is best not to think about your office desk, keyboard or computer too hard. The truth is those office items are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. There are more than 10 million bacteria on your desk alone — and there are a frightening 21,000 germs per square inch on the average office chair, keyboard, and computer mouse. Office phones are even worst, with over 25,000 germs pe square inch. In fact, your work desk is dirtier than the toilet! Thank goodness for janitorial services to keep your office environment […]