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Three Things You Don’t Know About Reusing Steel Storage Containers

Shipping containers are widely used for exactly what you would imagine — shipping overseas. Right now, there are an estimated 17 million shipping containers in circulation across the globe, making about 200 million trips per year. But in fact, just five million of those shipping containers are active shipping containers. The rest are inactive, or out of use. These dormant storage containers range in sized — there are 40 foot shipping containers, and shipping containers that are 1,300 feet long. To put it into perspective, those steel cargo containers are the distance around an Olympic running track! You don’t want […]

Two Reasons to Use Shipping Containers When Moving to a New Location

Moving is always stressful, no matter who is moving. Offices may be required to move to new locations, and individuals may find the need to pick up their families and find a new place to call home. Rather than trying to deal with using several boxes for each room. Individuals can find better options to help them though, when they pick new or used shipping containers for sale instead of dealing with endless moving boxes. Read on to find two benefits of using shipping containers. Shipping Containers Can Be as Small or Large as Customer Needs Dictate Shipping containers can […]