Shooting glasses case

Packaging Needs To Go Green Why Over 50% Of Customers Are Taking Green Packaging Into Account

How often do you think about the packaging you use? For some this is a no-brainer. Packaging is everything in a purchase and a major way to communicate with a chosen brand. For others packaging is just a means to an end and can come in just about any form…as long as it’s convenient. The conversation about packaging today has since started to grow, expanding around topics relating to environmental awareness, conservation and pricing. Thermoformed clamshells are widely considered one of the most efficient ways to package all sorts of items, ranging from ammo storage cases to safety glasses cases. […]

Changing the World of Packaging for Your Business Needs

When it comes to marketing, you think about your product and the way that it changes the world you live in. Did you know that the way that your product is packaged matters as well? Statistics show us that 52% of people around the world make purchasing decisions based on packaging. If it shows a positive social and environmental impact, then people are going to be drawn to it. Environmentally Friendly Packaging When it comes to packaging, you should always choose environmentally friendly. No matter what it is – thermoformed clamshells, box labels, ammo storage cases, and more, you want […]