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Rising Temperature Information You Should Know About Furnaces

In the United States and around the world, there are many popular industries that are important to individuals and their lives. Some of these industries include the automotive industries, industries that work with steel, and many more. The industries that work with steel are specifically important. In fact, the United States utilizes 50% of steel for buildings and infrastructure. Therefore, without steel, the American people wouldn’t have buildings. In addition, we import a lot of steel. To be more specific, a few years ago the United States imported around 27 billion dollars worth of steel. Needless to say, steel is […]

Coreless Vs Channel Which Induction Method is Right for Your Furnace?

If you’re weighing the options for a melting furnace, there are several models to consider, all of which have their strengths and weaknesses. One of the biggest things you’ll need to ask yourself is whether you’re looking for the coreless conduction option, or the channel conduction. Today, we’ll be discussing the two, and the strengths and weaknesses of both, so that you can decide. Crucible Furnaces: The Historical Option In looking at the history of the melting furnace, it’s important to look at where the technology came from. Crucible furnaces are some of the oldest melting technologies used in the […]

Induction Heating Furnaces Offer Precision and Control in Metals Processing

Metal is still the basis for our lives, from the steel that goes into making buildings and automobiles to the gold and silver that define value. This makes electromagnetic induction, used for heating, welding and shaping metals in many different industries, one of the basic processes. This process provides the metals for precision casting businesses, and has applications in the auto, manufacturing, construction, transportation, aviation, pharmaceutical and other industries. A foundation of steel Metals underpin our lives, from housing to transportation to pharmaceuticals. Steel is one of the most important metals in our world, used as a basic material in buildings, […]

Interesting Facts About Copper

When we think of every day things and substances, such as plastic, paper, copper, and glass, we probably do not think that these substances have some interesting facts with them. Copper, for instance, is more than just a substance used in making pipes and pennies. There are many neat facts about this renewable metal with a signature bronzish shine. While not one of the most eye catching substances in the world, such as glass, diamonds, and precious colored jewels like emeralds, copper is still a staple in our every day lives. Here are some of the most neat and interesting […]