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What You Should Know About The Role Of Packaging

There are many ways in which goods and products can be advertised. As a matter of fact, go online at any time and you will see this very clearly. Digital advertising has absolutely taken off in recent years, and has become more impactful and important than ever before in history. But even with the rise of digital advertising, it is hugely important to note that many people are still influenced by more “old school” forms of advertising as well, so to speak. Consider, for just one example, packaging. From vegetable and fruit packaging to organic food packaging to coffee and […]

Packaging for Food at the Grocery Store

Modern advertising takes many forms, and businesses spend a great deal of time and money every year researching new and more effective ways to advertise to customers and get their business. Today, that certainly involves recent innovations such as the Internet, where digital ads and a strong social media presence (alongside traditional websites) can do a lot of good. But while digital advertising is effective and far-reaching, it cannot handle everything alone. Businesses still make good use of physical signs, posters and flyers, and attractive food packaging and other product packaging to appeal to consumers. Packaging for food grade bags […]

The Power of Packaging

Even in today’s wired world of the Internet, e-mail, and social media, traditional means of advertising and catching a shopper’s attention are still powerful today, and in fact, it could be argued that physical advertising like food packaging, fruit packaging, or even a clear pouch bag are more effective today because of exhausting over-saturated of electronic media. What is more, print media and advertising to not harass people with targeted ads or pop-ups, and no coffee bag or piece of packaging or a sticker ever gave someone a computer virus or spyware. For shoppers who visit brick and mortar locations, […]

Cut Coffee Related Landfill Dumps

Coffee is a staple in the American working world. People enjoy coffee for the taste, the energy boost, and the social connotations it comes with. In fact, coffee shops rake in $12 billion in combined sales annually; that shows that it comes as no surprise how much United States residents love their coffee. However, the commuters who make a visit to their favorite coffee shop drive through do not realize the environmental impact they are making by using countless printed vacuum pouches for coffee year after year. Loving coffee is no crime against the earth, but how can we get […]