Spray foam insulation

Leasing or Buying a Spray Foam Rig? Get the Answers

A spray foam rig is an equipment used by home builders and contractors to enhance the energy efficiency of a structure or a home by spraying insulation foam. Its primary purpose is to retain air circulation inside your home, which is mostly lost through poor filtration. Why is it important? Statistics show that 40% percent of energy losses in buildings is caused by poor air filtration Before you decide to buy a spray foam rig to improve the energy efficiency in buildings, consider the following factors. • Safety Safety should be your number one priority when using your spray foam […]

Spray Foam Kits 2019 Buying Guide

Current trends in the United States show that residential, commercial, and industrial property owners are struggling to handle energy costs. The monthly energy bills have skyrocketed in the last few years. The combined energy cost for commercial and industrial buildings is approximately $400 billion, which is untenable. As a commercial property owner, you have been formulating various strategies to deal with increased energy costs. Sealing cracks and other openings that allow free flow of air and moisture is one of the ways you can lower the cost of heating. Spray insulation is a strategic method of controlling internal temperatures. Spray […]

Energy Conservation Remains The Dealbreaker Spray Foam Rigs For Eco-Friendly Home Construction

What makes a home feel truly cozy? Some might say the fireplace, particularly when the winter season is in full swing and coating the windows in frost. Others stress beautiful furniture and a regularly clean carpet. When you’re building brand new homes spray foam rigs are your one-stop shop to create coziness from the ground up. The foam insulation machine makes sure every last touch is done to perfection, keeping costs low and the return on the investment high. The spray foam business has been doing particularly well on the eco-friendly side of things and this is unlikely to change […]