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Why Many Businesses Prefer To Use Printed Paper Bags

There are two major reasons why businesses will try to make the best out of printed paper bags-the fact that they are used as promotional material and that they are ecofriendly. In a world where environmental pollution has become one of the greatest concerns, every business would wish to align its marketing strategies in a manner that does not harm the environment. By using eco-friendly packaging material, a business can significantly improve its brand image. However, it is the use of bags as promotion tools that have seen business invest heavily in customized bags. Today, it is almost impossible to […]

The Power of Packaging

Even in today’s wired world of the Internet, e-mail, and social media, traditional means of advertising and catching a shopper’s attention are still powerful today, and in fact, it could be argued that physical advertising like food packaging, fruit packaging, or even a clear pouch bag are more effective today because of exhausting over-saturated of electronic media. What is more, print media and advertising to not harass people with targeted ads or pop-ups, and no coffee bag or piece of packaging or a sticker ever gave someone a computer virus or spyware. For shoppers who visit brick and mortar locations, […]