Water quality analysis methods

The Importance Of Clean Water For Everyone In The Entire World

Water is so important in our every day lives, and this could even be considered the biggest understatement of all time. After all, we rely on water for our very lives, and none of us can last very long without it, easily becoming dehydrated in just the course of a few hours. But we don’t just drink water. Water is used to grow our food. It’s used to help us cook our meals. We use water to wash our clothes and our dishes and our houses, and we use it to clean our bodies as well. We use water to […]

5 Ways to Check the Quality of Your Water

While the earth is covered in a lot of water, too many people lack access to it. It has been estimated that about 3.1% of deaths that occur each year are due to the lack of access to clean water. Nearly 2.5 billion people cannot get clean water. While residents of the United States are lucky to have better sources of water, using water quality indicators is still something people should get into the habit of doing. Even the nation’s capital is not immune to bad water. Several years ago, people who live there were forced to take extra steps […]

Water Quality is a Global Issue That Needs to Be Addressed With Technology

In the United States, it is almost a given anywhere you go that you are going to have clean water coming out of the faucets in the home or place of business you happen to be in. Flushing toilets, washing hands, and drinking out of water fountains is an everyday occurrence for most Americans. This is true because, for the most part, we in America live in a part of the world where fresh water is relatively abundant. But while it might be relatively abundant, that doesn’t mean that it is automatically clean. Around the world, every day, roughly 2 […]