When to donate clothes

4 Reasons to Donate to Veteran’s Charities

Have you ever made charitable clothing donations? It?s a lot easier to arrange a purple heart veterans pick up of your clothing donations than you might think. If you?re considering donating clothes to charity, read on about the benefits of Purple Heart veterans pick up both for you and for others> You Support Veterans and Their Families Very close to 5 five million pounds of clothing gets donated by people in the United States every year; but we still send 10.5 million to landfills. Only 15% of our clothing is getting recycled or re-used, and that?s a lot of waste […]

Having A Tough Time Choosing Which Clothes To Get Rid Of? Try These Tips On For Size

The seasons are changing. How can you herald the new year while helping out your community? Local clothing donations are a wonderful place to start, particularly if you’re noticing some clutter in your closet and considering an early spring cleaning session. Your ill-fitting or unwanted clothes don’t have to end up in a landfill somewhere, clogging up the environment and contributing to worse air quality. They can instead by recycled back into the economy or sent to any number of non-profit organizations to stimulate job growth and just offer people an affordable means of buying clothes. How do you know […]

Do You Have the Things That You Need to Send Your Children Back to School?

How many days until your children start school? Do you have a few weeks, or just a few days, of summer left? Schools across the country will kick back into gear in the next month. While some schools in the midwest will be starting this week, some states require that public schools wait until after Labor Day to get started And while many families are sad to see the summer days end, other families are anxious to return to the school schedule. These families anxious for school, however, may not be wanting the the schedule to start because the are […]