Changing the World of Packaging for Your Business Needs

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When it comes to marketing, you think about your product and the way that it changes the world you live in. Did you know that the way that your product is packaged matters as well? Statistics show us that 52% of people around the world make purchasing decisions based on packaging. If it shows a positive social and environmental impact, then people are going to be drawn to it.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

When it comes to packaging, you should always choose environmentally friendly. No matter what it is – thermoformed clamshells, box labels, ammo storage cases, and more, you want to ensure that your products are protected from everything – and this means packaging that’s going to help the environment as well. Did you know that a relatively huge amount of plastic waste ends up in the ocean, where it causes extreme damages? In fact, this amounts to about $13 billion a year. About 150 metric tons of plastic lives in our oceans, and this is not a good thing. If we don’t take action, we could see awful results by 2050 – we are expected to have more plastic in the ocean than we do fish.

One of the most popular types of retail packaging that has hit markets today is a blister package that folds in on itself, known as a “clamshell.” Thermoformed clamshells tend to be environmentally friendly and catches the eyes of many people who own businesses.

When it comes to customers, customers really do care about the packaging that you choose to market your item and get a point across. 26% of people believe that packaging of a product is extremely important to overall satisfaction. This is important because, when someone receives a box in the mail, the packaging is the first thing that they see. Make an impact from the very beginning when it comes to a product that you care about deeply.

Whether it’s clamshell packaging or box labels, when it comes to packaging, you have many options. Choose what works for your company and leaves an impact nobody will ever forget.

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