Church Congregation Throws Shade at the Chargers Following Move to LA

Signs for churches

On any given day you will see outdoor LED signs for businesses, churches, schools, and even along the highway. While these signs are often informative — even inspirational — there are a select few that really stand out and get real attention.

Last month, a church marquee sign made an unexpectedly sly comment against the now-Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers, which were formerly native to San Diego, are making the move to LA next season. This move has put team owners, executives, and fans at odds with the NFL.

Many have completely denounced the team, and some have even burned their jerseys. But possibly the biggest shade was thrown by the Community Baptist Church in Fallbrook, Calif., which is only about an hour outside of San Diego.

A church marquee read:

This unlikely criticism has garnered plenty of media attention and has been shared on social media plenty of times since it’d been posted in mid-January.

The LA Rams franchise struggled following their move from St. Louis to LA, and the Chargers fear that they may meet the same fate. A multicultural hub, Los Angeles is no stranger to sports. But now, as home to nine major league sports teams, the greater LA area is drowning in franchises that are actively working against each other, with a number of them struggling to win games.

The Chargers went 5-11 during the 2016 season, while the Rams went 4-12. The Oakland Raisders, though not technically considered an LA-based team, are clearly LA’s football team, and had a respectable 12-4 record this past season. The team is currently negotiating a move to Las Vegas, a deal that is set to provide an unparalleled entertainment hub.

Allegedly, the NFL wants the Chargers to move back to San Diego, but the possibility of doing so is practically impossible at this time.

While football season is over, the NFL draft is coming up in April, and we’re sure to continue seeing backlash against the Chargers in coming months. But until God Himself says that the team is not welcome in LA, it’s clear that the Chargers are in it to stay.

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