Clothing Donations And Their Importance

Every year thousands of men and women fight for our country and stand front and center on the battlefield. These brave men and women leave their homes to rick their lives so that so many Americans can go home to their own families everyday. So many Americans wonder what they can do to support our troops, how can we at home do our part to take care of the Americans around us. A good way to support our troops and do our part to take care of our own here at home is to donate clothing and house hold items that are in good shape but we no longer want. Charities like Purple Hart Clothing donations are always looking for unused clothing that can be repurposed to someone else’s home. Donations for veterans are a way we can contribute to those at home and help out those who risk their lives for us. So how exactly does donating clothing help our veterans?

How Much Clothing Is Donated Every Year

4.7 billion pounds of clothing are donated every year. This means that 4.7 billion pounds of donating clothing are helping out not only the homeless and helping families in need but also helping military families as well. This is far more clothing than the average person could ever wear in their lifetime. There are still 10.5 million tons of clothing that go to the landfills year after year. Imagine how many more families could be helped if the clothes that went to the landfill were instead donated?

Why Donate Over Throwing Away

Did you know that clothes donations are even a tax write off? Even a man’s suit is a $60 tax break! If you donate more than $250 dollars worth of used clothing these receipts can be kept for tax time, who doesn’t like having a tax break when it comes to tax season? And while you’re at it trying to get rid of clothing for tax breaks don’t forget to look around your home, household items can also be donated when you’re through with them and just don’t know what to do with them anymore.

Where To Bring Your Used Clothing

Clothing for donations for veterans can be processed at any charity clothing donations. Some places even pick up the clothing you’d like to donate. Clothing drop off locations are among the easiest donation places to find. Weather it be a donation center that has a bin out front for you to leave your belongings or it is simply a phone call away to have your clothing and home goods picked up and repurposed.

How Do Donations For Veterans Make a Difference?

Getting in touch with charities such as Purple Heart Donations means that you make a difference for the lives of other and for the environment as well. Donations such as this give to those in need and bring new life to items that may have at one time given you great joy to own. These donations for veterans, give a second life to the clothing items that have been so good to us over the years as well as giving someone else the chance to have something new that they love.

Next time you’re trying to figure out how to make a difference, donating for veterans and making a contribution in the names of those who are in the front lines can benefit not only our veterans but our fellow Americans who have trouble affording so much of the items that we take for granted every day. Giving to those and need can make a difference for someone else but to ourselves as well. Knowing that you contributed in a way to putting a smile on another person’s face can be one of the most satisfying feelings. So the next time you look into your closet and see that old sweater that you haven’t worn in two winters, take it out and put it in a bag along with the other things that could use a new life. You won’t regret your donation and someone in need will thank you for it.

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