Customers Find Exterior Cleanliness Just As Important As Interior Cleanliness Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Clean roads, smooth sidewalks and regularly empty garbage cans are a mundane, everyday detail. You can thank commercial street sweeping services for that.

Parking lot cleaning service and street sweepers work night and day to ensure your home city is safe to navigate. They’re responsible for preventing pollution run-off from contaminating water supplies and nearby forests. They reduce the accumulation of bacteria, mold and rust. These constant efforts also clear up the air and ensure local wildlife is well taken care of. When you need to take things a step further, such as for your growing business or the first impression of your gym, a street sweeper rental can make sure your reputation is spotless.

Here are just a few things you can enjoy when utilizing a Maryland street sweeping service.

The History Of Street Sweeping Services

Every great invention had to start somewhere. Machines for mopping up the streets and sidewalks were first introduced in the 19th century. Significant credit for their invention is given to C.S. Bishop for both inventing and patenting the first street sweeping machine in the mid 1800′s. Today modern street sweepers are mounted on truck bodies, having the ability to vacuum debris in the street on a massive scale. Smaller tasks can be done by hand or with smaller vehicles to tidy up areas that have been missed. Businesses, establishments and even homeowners invest in street sweeping services.

Reduce The Rate Of Runoff Pollution

A major health hazard to both people and animals is runoff pollution. This term refers to rainwater or melting snow that washes off of roads, bridges, rooftops, sidewalks and parking lots, sending all sorts of pollutants to gather up where they shouldn’t. These include oil, grease and pesticides, among others, and can significantly pollute or damage nearby organic locations. Effective and regularly used street sweeping programs are able to remove several tons of debris every year from the city streets, reducing the rate of runoff pollution by a significant amount.

Clear Up Outdoor Air Pollution

While indoor air pollution is generally worse for our health, that doesn’t mean there aren’t outdoor contaminants to contend with. We regularly come into contact with all sorts of frustrating elements in the air, ranging from dust to smog to pollen, and this can only get worse with the accumulation of hazardous chemicals. A recent report by the National Water Quality Inventory found that runoff from urbanized areas is the leading source of water quality impairments. Harmful chemicals in the air, especially those breathed on a regular basis, can also increase people’s risk of developing certain cancers. A street sweeper rental can make this all a minor detail of the past.

Improve Your Business Reputation

A major reason businesses choose to invest in a street sweeper rental is to maintain their best first, second and third impression. Well maintained parking areas and sidewalks are crucial for attracting customers. Most people consider exterior cleanliness to be just as important as interior cleanliness, meaning tossed cigarette butts, full trash cans and gravel stains can turn them away toward your competitors. There are over 9,000 companies offering road maintenance services in the United States today. All you have to do is give them a call and set up an appointment to reap the benefits.

Live Cleaner, Healthier And Smarter With A Street Sweeper Rental

The benefits of DC commercial sweeping can be felt from customer to businessowner to homeowner. Parking space related pollution has been found to exceed at least $4 billion every year, with record highs being close to $20 billion, and that doesn’t even come close to covering the costs of runoff pollution on public health. Street debris can also clog stormwater facilities, encouraging a higher risk of flooding during heavy rains and snow season. When you invest in parking lot cleaners you do the complex work of creating a cleaner, smarter and more beautiful world.

Reach out to a street sweeping service this year and see the difference yourself.

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