Declining Student Numbers? Consider These Unique Ideas

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Student enrollment is crucial for obtaining the funds needed to assist the school in succeeding. Most states get their funding based on the number of students that regularly attend. This means that maintaining student counts is important. There are just a few of the unique ways to increase student enrollment.

Focus on exceptional academics
It can be difficult to find the right balance of academics. Most schools do not have the funds available to upgrade their academics and will not have the funds until student enrollment numbers increase. Yet, they cannot increase student counts because they do not have a good enough academic program to attract new students. If possible, end this cycle by upgrading academics. Using funds from other parts of the school budget can do this with the intention of it leading to increased student counts.

Offer award winning after school programs
Many parents make their child?s school decision based on after school opportunities. This means upgrading the school?s football team or the number of after school clubs. Most schools will also find that in doing this, they are also reducing student drop out and crime rates, which can improve school ratings in itself. Notify the community of your need for high quality coaches and team organizers through digital signs for schools. These large LED signs can attract local coaches and team leaders with experience.

Reward student count days
Some schools struggle with student attendance. Because schools often receive their funding based on the number of students on a single student count day, that student count day is very important. If you are worried about a significant portion of students not showing up for student count day, you might find it useful to reward attendance. First, make sure students are aware of the count day through digital signs for schools. These marquee signs can also inform parents of the upcoming important student count day. Secondly, allow the teachers to hold in classroom celebrations. Avoid scheduling tests on this day.

Share school rewards
While students and parents of a school might be aware of the specific awards that a school receives, the community often is not. By sharing these received awards with the community, you are also encouraging other parents to enroll their children in your award winning school. You can notify the community of these awards through digital signs for schools, or other types of business signage. About 71% of people often look at the messages on roadside billboards (traditional and digital combined). Sharing the information on the front billboard is sure to be seen by those community members driving by.

Notify the community of enrollment dates
Short enrollment dates can also affect student enrollments. Busy community families might miss the enrollment dates and choose a local school without enrollment caps. Notify the community of upcoming enrollment dates with digital signs for schools. Use messages that are large, colorful, and catchy, such as with full color LED signs. More than one third, or 37% of people, report looking at an outdoor ad each or most of the time they pass one. Additionally, with 89% of businesses, or schools, potential customers living or working within a five mile radius of its location, these signs are a great way to reach local community members.

Student enrollment counts can really affect the ultimate success of a school. School administrators can increase student counts in a number of ways including upgrading academic, adding additional after school activities, notifying the community of awards and upcoming enrollment dates, and rewarding student count days.

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