Do You Need a Security Alarm System?

Managed access control system

Most homeowners have considered getting an alarm system at some point or another. The security commercials make them very tempting, often portraying a break in or burglary that scares the members of the household. Others may simply believe that their property will never be broken into. However, in 2013, victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $4.5 billion in property losses, and burglaries of residential properties accounted for 74% of the total reported. Burglaries and robberies can, and do, happen. A security alarm company can be helpful in preventing burglaries in a variety of ways.

The simple advertisement or awareness of alarm systems can sometimes deter criminals. In a study of convicted burglars, approximately 83% of the offenders said they would attempt to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary. Simply put, the burglary becomes much more difficult and riskier, if there is an alarm present. The burglar does not want to get caught, and the alarm or video capabilities of the alarm only increase the chance that they will.

A security alarm company can also catch the intruder when a burglary does occur. Many burglaries and robberies are unsolved, because no one was able to identify the offender. They may have bene wearing a mask, or they may have covered their face with their hand the entire time. Also, many burglaries occur when no one is home or when they are sleeping. The offender is never seen, and they get away with the burglary. This can be especially troublesome for homeowners and property owners who know that the offender is still free on the streets, able to commit a crime again. In fact, most actually do commit additional crimes.

Most residential and business alarm systems also have the ability to customize the alarm system. Choosing a security system often involves looking at the different customizations and features that are added into the system. Most security alarm company systems have access control systems. The access control system allows the property owner to distinguish different settings. These settings might include things like approved users, pre set alarm times, and what to do when the alarm is triggered. Most alarm systems have a built in delay before contacting your monitoring company, the delay time can range from anywhere to 30 seconds to three minutes. This delay is to give the property owners time to get out of the house and time to disarm the alarm, when returning to the property. However, these exact customization times can be customized by the alarm user.

Some of the features offered on security alarms can also increase the safety of the home. For example, some security alarms have the ability to monitor smoke and heat detectors. The security alarm company installs heat and smoke sensors around the home, similar to the door and window sensors. These sensors specifically look for increased amount of heat or smoke, such as in the case of a house or property fire. If the sensors notice a set amount, they will contact the fire department and emergency responders. This is a great way to detect and reduce a property fire, when no one is home, or when everyone is sleeping.

Many homeowners and property owners do not believe that a burglary is a possibility for them. However, studies have shown that homeowners, all over the country experience billions of dollars in property damages as a result of burglaries. The best time for a security alarm system is before the burglary happens, not after the damage has occurred. Security alarm systems can also detect things like the occurrence of fire and smoke, making the property even safer.

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