Do You Outsource the Cleaning of Your Office or Warehouse?

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Making sure that you office is ready for patients is important to your family medical practice. In fact, in addition to having friendly and knowledgeable staff, making sure that the office waiting room and the rooms for appointments are clean is a major part of your business. And while there was a time when you attempted to share the cleaning chores among the staff, nearly nine years ago you decided that outsourcing the business cleaning services was both a good idea and a worthwhile investment.

In many offices, even those that do not see patients, the cleanliness of a space is important. From making sure that doctor’s office patients are not sharing germs to making sure that the bathrooms in all businesses are safe and presentable, it is important to make sure that you find the right business cleaning services to keep your spaces presentable.
Consider these facts and figures about the benefits of hiring a cleaning service:

  • According to Forbes, the Integrated Benefits Institute, a group that represents major U.S. business coalitions and employers, says poor health costs the U.S. economy $576 billion a year. Clean work places are the first step to making sure that everyone stays as healthy as possible.
  • Green cleaning products and cleaning services continue to grow in popularity.
  • Research indicates that 72% of adults will not exercise in gyms with unpleasant odors, proving that cleanliness matters in all kinds of locations, including workout gyms.
  • Estimates also show that 84% of health club members perceive their club to be clean.
  • A step toward making sure that your office or warehouse space is as clean as it should be is outsourcing the cleaning of those spaces.
  • The office where people work is often not very clean. In fact, studies show that a dirty desk can harbor 400 times more bacteria than a typical toilet seat.

  • In fact, 33% of respondents indicate that their keyboard and phone are the dirtiest items in their office. In spite of this, fewer than 10% of these people bother to clean these items very often.
  • Making a decision to work with advanced cleaning services that use environmentally friendly cleaning products is an increasingly popular decision.
  • Personal spaces in offices also need to be cleaned. If you only focus on the common spaces, you are missing out on some of the spaces that need to be cleaned the most.
  • Realizing that you need to outsource your cleaning services is an opportunity to make sure that show your workers the value of your health..
  • Estimates show that 3.3 million worldwide deaths a year are attributed to indoor air pollution, from preventable respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, 34% of these reported cases were from stroke, according to the World Health Organization.
  • Survey results from a Staples research study indicate that 50% of respondents noted that their work colleagues leave dirty dishes in the office kitchen.
  • Staying in an office space that is not clean, can lead to health problems that go on year round.
  • Instead of forcing your workers to be in a space that is not clean, it is a far better managerial decision to make sure that you provide a clean and healthy working environment.
  • One major concern in work environments is that nearly 100% of workers indicate they are concerned with catching a virus while they are at work.
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  • o one wants to go to work in a place that is dirty and unsanitary.

In addition to making sure that all of the patients who come into your office only share conversations and not germs, business cleaning services can also help you make a GREAT IMPRESSION on anyone who comes into your office or workspace.
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