Do You Want to Help Disabled Veterans? Donate Your Unused Clothes and Household Items

When to donate clothes

When you make clothing donations to The Military Order of the Purple Heart, you are helping veterans, their families, as well as the blind. Charitable clothing donations assist this organization with providing health, education, and family support programs for all veterans, especially those that have been wounded or are disabled as a result of serving their country.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart is also concerned with the environment. As a result, they recycle clothing, household items, and electronics so that they don’t end up in landfills. GreenDrop collects items on behalf of The Military Order of the Purple Heart, and prevents these them from ending up in landfills.

On a weekly basis, it is estimated that 100 tons of used clothes, electronics, and household goods are collected by GreenDrop. In addition to having a number of clothing drop off locations, GreenDrop is also able to pick up donations.

When deciding where to donate household items, it’s important to choose a charitable organization with a tax-exempt status. These are organizations that fall under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c) (3). In this way, you know that the donated items will directly benefit the individuals represented by these organizations.

Another benefit to donating clothing and textiles is that they can help people and their families in developing nations. When necessary, these items can be repaired or mended and then purchased for just pennies on the dollar. This enables people to have American goods, such as clothing and other textiles, which would otherwise be too costly. On an international basis, over 14.3 million tons of American textiles are donated every year.

Many people make veterans clothing donations because it feels good to support veterans and their families. It is a way to acknowledge their service and give back to the community.

It’s also beneficial to know that in most cases, donated items can be written off at tax time. In order to qualify for a tax write-off, however, the IRS requires a qualified appraisal under certain circumstances. When claiming that the value of a single donated item is worth more than $500, for example, a professional appraisal would be needed. This applies in particular when a single item is not considered to be in good used condition or better.

In addition to the situation addressed above, the value of charitable donations for tax purposes will vary depending on the item. Men’s overcoats and suits, for instance, are generally worth $60.00. Coffee makers are usually worth between $4.00-to-$15.00.

Since making veterans clothing donations helps so many individuals and their families, it’s important to donate rather than throw away items that are no longer used or needed. It’s easy to make veterans clothing donations, too, because they can either be dropped off at one of GreenDrop’s convenient locations or picked up by one of their drivers instead.

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