Do Unbiased Fox News Anchors Even Exist?

Cbs newscast

Where you get your news can be every bit as formative as what that news says. Regardless of the story being reported, you must consider the viewpoint of the people doing the reporting. And for Americans, this goes beyond just conservative or liberal media. Overseas points of view can offer perspectives that simply can’t be found in the United States.

American news websites for current events tend to lean more towards the sensational, especially if the story in question is particularly divisive to one political party or the other. But the coverage has less depth than breadth, and even the stories that do get extra coverage are rarely followed past their initial sensational appeal.

European news websites, on the other hand, tend to provide more insight on fewer stories, and to do so with a much drier sense of humor. The viewpoints expressed are generally more diverse than American news, since Europe is a conglomeration of around 50 countries and has more experience listening to other viewpoints.

This is not to say one approach is particularly better than the other. They are simply different styles of online news programs, and both have their share of triumphs and trials. Mainstream American media on both sides of the political spectrum claims to present unbiased news online, while detractors can show hypocrisy and corporate sponsorship grinning through the cracks. And the UK media was recently rocked by a phone-tapping scandal, one which may have brought media giant Rupert Murdoch to his financial knees.

Whether you read American or European news websites, you simply must keep in mind where the news is coming from if you want to get to the unbiased heart of the matter. If an outlet steps too far over the line, find a new one. This can sometimes be easier said than done, but it is the only way we can ensure that our news outlets are reporting the news, instead of merely shaping it.

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