Does Your Business Sign Attract the Number of Customers You Want?

Led board sign

Holiday shopping has not quite hit the most frenzied pace, but it is close. As the last two weeks to Christmas wind down more and more shoppers find themselves in a panicked spot as they try to find those last minute gifts and hard to locate presents that are on their shopping lists.
As the calendar pages flip and the clock ticks down, however, the pace will become more frantic and the shopping frenzy will be more hurried. In the final days, hours, and minutes of holiday shopping it is sometimes the digital signs or advertisements that will draw the customers into your store rather than a competitor. For while much of the organized earlier shop he may have been done online, last minute presence simply will not arrive in time if they are ordered over the Internet. Instead, some of the most hurried shoppers will be rushing through the malls, driving to the stores, and seeking those special gifts for those hard to buy for friends and family members.
In the end, it may not actually be the product, but instead the digital signs, the sale banners, and the other marketing techniques that bring customers into your location. Especially in the last hours of holiday shopping, a bewildered and panicked shopper may simply drift toward the most appealing sign in an attempt to finish the exhausting task of completing the holiday shopping list.
Updated Digital Signs Might Attract the Last Minute Holiday Shoppers
Whether you are a not for profit group looking to donate new school electronic signs or you are a small business owner trying to get noticed by drive by traffic, digital signs may be the answer. In a visual world that can be hectic, digital signs may be the secret. In fact, 35% of people indicate that they would not have discovered a business had it not been for the business sign. In a time when the competition for companies can be pretty intense, electronic signs for businesses can make all of the difference. And while many people think of businesses when it comes to signs and marquees, a number of other platforms also make use of the latest signing techniques.
Electronic School Signs. Even schools have decided that they can make good use of electronic signs. For high schools, for instance, that sit far off from major streets, an electronic sign can help promote weekly events, as well as breaks from school. These signs are some times difficult to finance, so many times a not for profit group may actually make the purchase. A perfect gift from a specific graduating class or a gift from an entire alumni association, a digital sign can help encourage even community members without children in school to stay involved.
Signs for Government Offices. Some signs for government offices are required, but these required signs are often accompanied by specially designed signs to help promote the public offices that provide services to an entire community. In a time when some government offices struggle to promote a positive message, a scrolling sign at a police office, for instance, can help promote community events and other important dates.
Church Marquee Signs. We normally do not think of churches as places that need to advertise, but the fact of the matter is a scrolling marquee sign can help a church promote its service times. As the Advent and Christmas Eve services are scheduled, for instance, the scrolling marquee sign might actually encourage the occasional church attender to stop by for a holiday service. From informing congregational members and community neighbors of Sunday School church programs to letting everyone know about the outdoor summer picnic, a church marquee sign can help a church get its message out.
Not surprising, signs can eventually lose their effect. After many years, in fact, a sign may no longer be noticed by the people who see it the most often. Research indicates, however, that by simply adding a new sign or changing a current sign, sales revenue may increase. Specifically, the decision to replace a current store front wall sign with a larger sign can increase revenue by as much as 7.7%. Are you ready to make an investment?

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