Donating Your Unused Items During the Winter Season

Charity clothing donations

Summer is over. The crisp weather of fall has begun and before we know it, the stores will be filled with Christmas decorations and Christmas music. Christmas is a busy season for many, with Christmas shopping, holiday events, and households full of family visitors. For Christmas, many gifts are exchanged and families are left with piles and piles of new stuff. Many throw their old items out, replacing them with the new gifted items. However, the Christmas season is a great time to go through unused and unwanted items, both clothing and household items, and donate them to those in need.

The Christmas season can be very difficult for some. Some do not have the available funds to purchase new gifts for everyone. Some may struggle to provide new toys for their children. Making household donations can help out those who struggle this time of year. Donating even your children?s unused or unwanted gifts can help make another child?s Christmas wonderful. It can also take a lot of the financial struggle off of parents.

The best charities to donate to are ones that are register with the IRS as a nonprofit organization. This means that a large portion of the donated items and money that are received are used to help those in need. The IRS will only provide the nonprofit status to those who can prove that they are putting the assistance of others over their incomes. Also, donating to a charitable donation center that is approved by the IRS allows your household donations to be tax deducted. The IRS requires a qualified appraisal to be submitted with your tax return if you donate any single clothing or household item that is not in good used condition or better, and for which you deducted more than $500.

Making household donations also puts good use to both household items and clothing items that are no longer wanted. In 2006, for example, 2.5 billion pounds of fabric were kept from landfills by used clothing purchases. The world already has an overabundance of landfills. If we were to throw away all unwanted and unused clothing items and household items, there would be an even larger problem with landfill overflows. Instead of adding to garbage landfills, consider giving these household donations to charities who can do clothes donations for those in need. Many families rely on these donations to properly clothe their families.

The average American throws away nearly 70 pounds of clothing, linens, and other textiles each year. Many may choose to throw away their unused items because they assume that they are not in good enough condition to be donated. However, this decision is often best left to the charity. They can skim through donations to see which items can be of use. They may give away these items or sell them for profit to help with other needed areas, like medical care, educational expenses, and living costs.

Some Americans may also choose to throw away their clothing items because they do not have the time or available transportation to make clothes donations. Many charities are looking for donations and are in such need of donations that they offer drop off or pick up services. Each week, GreenDrop prevents about 100 tons of used clothes, electronics and household goods from being thrown into landfills. They do this by providing convenient drop off boxes at places that people frequent anyway. Some charities even offer pick up services, sending a large truck or vehicle to pick up unwanted items, so that the donator never has to lift a finger for the donation process.

More donations are needed during the winter months. This is also the time that many people throw out items. With the holidays, they may receive replacements for many of their belongings. Donating these items can make the holiday season easier for some and can reduce the amount of items that end up in landfills. Donations can be extremely easy with convenient drop off locations and pick up services.

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