Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Binding Machine

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Are you on the hunt for the perfect binding machine? No matter what you need the perfect binding machine for, the quality of your documents matters, and so the quality of the perfect binding machine matters also. Your perfect binding machine will ideally last for a long time, provide great quality output, and is versatile enough to meet your needs as they change.

In order to help you find the perfect binding machine for all of your binding needs, we’ve put together a list of factors to consider:

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Perfect Binder

  1. Document Protection
    When it boils down to it, the chief reason you need a binding machine to begin with is to provide protection to the documents that you need to bind. If you didn’t need them to stay in perfect shape, you could get away with using a paper clip for your documents.

    The level of document protection that you get from your binding machine depends on the machine that you choose. We’ll cover the differences between binding machines a bit below. For now, just consider how important the quality of display and level protection is for the documents you need to bind.
  2. Style of Binding
    There is a variety of binding methods, and each creates a unique look and feel. The purposes you have for your binding machine might dictate what type of binding you need it to perform. For example, if your binding machine is going to be used for professional books, you might want a traditional book-style binding machine. If you want to keep costs low, and have a high quantity demand, or need more contemporary style bindings, you might prefer an automatic wire binding machine. The style of binding that you need will be one of the most important decisions to make early in the binding machine decision making process.
  3. Thickness of Bound Material
    Every binding machine has a limit to how many pages it can bind together. It would be a huge shame to go through the trouble of choosing a binding machine and fork out the money for it, only to realize you’re limited by the number of pages you can include. If you anticipate needing to bind large books at least as some point in time, it might be beneficial to go with a binding machine that can accommodate up to three inches of documents in a single book. Remember, a large binding machine can always bind smaller books, but a small machine cannot bind large books.
  4. Purpose of Machine
    If the purpose of your machine is to be used at home or irregularly in the office, only to organize your own documents, you might get away with a low-cost manual binding machine. However, if you need a binding machine for professional presentations, or if you’ll be using it often, for a lot of documents, you’ll be able to save yourself a ton of time and money by using an automatic binding machine.

  5. Features

    So you’ve narrowed down the size of the machine you want. You’ve figured out if you want a manual or an automatic machine. You’ve determined the type of binding you want to achieve. What’s next?

    Now it’s time to look at actual models. Here are the basics that you should know about:
    • Coil Spiral Binding Machines.

      When you picture a binding machine, this is probably what you’re thinking of. This type of machine creates a nice, contemporary finish. If you have low volume binding needs, and will not need to bind more than one inch of thickness, this is the most affordable option.
    • Plastic Comb Binding Machines.

      This is the most popular type of machine out today. If you want a machine that is very easy to use and creates durable presentations, this is a great option. Unlike the coil spiral bound machine, a plastic comb binding machine can bind documents up to two inches.
    • Wire Loop Binding Machines

      A wire loop binding machine is basically a cross between the first two binding machine options. The output from a wire loop binding machine is clean and stylish presentations, with a slight more professional look than the plastic comb binding machine. Like the coil spiral machine, this machine lets you bind documents up to one inch.

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