Fire Protection Systems Can Prevent Damage and Save Lives

Fire safety is an important issue for everyone, but especially for those responsible for the safety and security of large buildings like commercial businesses, multistoried buildings, condos, data centers, hospitals, and warehouses. In fact, four categories of buildings – hotels and motels, hospitals and medical facilities, and apartment buildings, and offices – account for the majority of high rise fires. Safety measures like fire alarm services and sprinklers can reduce the risk of fires.

The risks of high rise fires
Four types of high rise buildings are most at risk of fires. Hotels and motels, apartment complexes, hospitals and offices account for over 50% of all fires in high rise buildings. These are also associated with injury, loss of life, and damage to property. Hotel fires alone account for about 150 injuries and 15 fatalities each year.
Warehouses have also been highly vulnerable to the risk of fire, though they are more likely to result in damage to property than injury and loss of life. Further, Warehouse fires have been declining over the past thirty years. This decline may be attributed to better fire protection services. Data centers are another type of structure that need fire alarm services. Any fires there can result in lost time for users and the risk of loss of data due to smoke damage.

Fire safety systems can be effective
Fire protection companies can help property managers develop and implement a comprehensive fire safety plan, with fire alarms services, sprinklers, and regular inspections of fire safety equipment. These can all help to prevent fires and to minimize fires as well as risk of injuries and loss of life. A combination of fire alarm services, sprinkler systems, and fire suppression systems can make high rise buildings safer.
For example, non-chemical suppression systems like sprinklers can be used in commercial areas that have large oven ranges installed. These have been shown to be 99% effective in preventing fires. In general, installing sprinkler systems can reduce the risk of fires and property damage by 50%.

Installation and inspections
Fire protection service systems should be designed and installed by a professional fire protection company. All of these, including fire alarm systems and sprinklers, should be inspected at regular intervals, to ensure that they will function correctly if needed. Most fire protection services offer regular inspection and repair services.
High rise buildings should have professionally designed and installed fire safety systems, including fire alarm servers, sprinklers, and fire suppression systems. These should be regularly inspected and any repairs should be done professionally as well. Regular sprinkler and fire alarm inspections can ensure that they function correctly if and when necessary.

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