Five Important Tasks of Human Resource Teams

Compensation management system

As a business begins to expand, it needs to bring on additional departments to keep up with changing business needs. One of the most important departments to focus on when growing a business is the human resources staff. While many people believe that HR is solely responsible for hiring and firing, they are a much more integral part of the business and its overall success.

Finding high quality employees

Human resources staff are responsible for hiring and firing. Because your business can only be as successful as your employees, this is an extremely important task. You are entrusting some of the most important growth tasks to your HR staff. The individuals that they recruit and hire will be responsible for marketing, additional staffing, increasing profits, and long term business plans. HR solutions are experienced in finding the best employees and then, in the best interviewing and selection strategies for choosing the more qualified of employees.

Onboarding training programs

High retention is a common problem with many larger businesses. High retention rates can lead to a loss of profits and reduced work productivity. Studies show that employees who have a great experience in their first 90 days on the job are about 10 times more likely to stay for a long time than those with a poor experience in those first few weeks. Many new employees are faced with confusion when starting a new job. They are unsure about their expected job tasks. They do not know who to report problems to. They are unsure about office dynamics and what is considered common practice. An onboarding training program can increase the office knowledge of new employees, thus leading to decreased retention rates. HR solutions teams are an important part of arranging and implementing onboarding programs.

Handling employee concerns

Inner office problems can affect work productivity and overall office morale. It is important to have a central person or department to handle these problems. Otherwise, you are at risk of losing qualified employees. HR departments handle concerns surrounding relationship troubles, compensation management problems, work life balance concerns, and any employee complaints. The HR department is also especially beneficial when there are problems with workplace practices.

Benefits management

Benefits are a great way to attract high quality professionals. In fact, at companies that offer 11 or more benefits, approximately 66% would recommend their employers as a great place to work. However, when you have numerous employees that each has multiple benefits, it can be difficult to keep up with it. The HR platform offers simple HR solutions that can keep track of these employee benefits. The HR team is tasked with new employee benefits enrollment, benefit claims, and any needed changes to the current benefit program.

Keeping up with technological times

Technology is rapidly improving. A business that does not keep up technologically, even in the form of HR software programs, can easily be left behind. Almost half (47%) of companies have HR technology that is over seven years old. Older technological programs can drain important company resources and waste the time of HR solutions staff. When you have a dedicated HR solutions staff, it is easier to keep up with technology in the workplace. These advances in programs like compensation management systems can improve employee satisfaction, increase employee productivity, and produce higher quality employees.

Your human resource department might be more important than you realize. The HR team is often undervalued. Yet, without them, employees would be unhappy, confused, and there would be a lack of qualified new hires. As you begin to grow your business, it is important to also focus on growing your HR solutions.

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