Five Reasons Your Website Needs Better SEO

Digital marketing optimization

Technology is changing the way that people locate information about a business. The days of phone books and billboards have started to become replaced by a properly optimized and designed website. A study shows that 46% of people state that the design of a website is their top factor in determining how credible a company is. Considering how important the website of a business is to customers, you don’t want to skimp on creating a quality website experience. Here are five reasons that your website must be properly optimized for search engines.

  1. Keyword Research – When a person goes to type in a phrase in a search engine, these are called keywords. Keywords are the language that a person uses to communicate with a search engine. A business with a poorly optimized website will likely not be showing up when people are typing relevant keywords. However, having an SEO company in your corner can ensure your website has a winning keyword strategy. A professional web design company can help your website show up for many different keywords. In addition, a professional SEO team can ensure that the keywords you rank for are ones that are related to your industry.
  2. Increasing Rankings – It has been stated that around 90% of people using a search engine won’t go past the first page of results. If your website isn’t showing up on the first page of major search engines, you could be missing out on 90% of your potential customer base! Consider having a web design team ensure that your website ranks highly, this will bring more eyes to your website. Where your website ranks has a large impact on the traffic your website receives. As your website continues to climb up the rankings, you’ll likely see much more traffic which results in new business opportunities!
  3. Exploring New Opportunities for Growth – Having a website that is loaded with traffic is an amazing thing. However, do you know how to grow from that great position? Certain websites are missing out on huge opportunities to grow their businesses. Recent statistics show that only 8% of businesses have a dedicated team for email marketing. Making matters worse for those companies without it, email marketing is quite often said to be the marketing tactic that is responsible for the highest ROI.
  4. Making Your Website Mobile Friendly – It doesn’t take much time to realize just how widespread smartphones have become. Having a version of your website that is optimized for mobile viewing is a crucial element of SEO you will want ensure you’ve got covered. Search engines, including Google, have even started to reward websites that are mobile-friendly while those without a mobile friendly version can be penalized. In addition to ensuring that your website is properly displayed for mobile devices, you will want to load in a speedy manner. Statistics show that 40% of people will close out of a website if it takes over three seconds to load.
  5. Keeping Your Website Ready for the Future – As any digital marketing company knows, you have to stay relevant with industry changes. Business owners have so many things to concentrate on, it’s likely that they aren’t checking up on the latest trends in search engine optimization. The world of web design is one that is always changing which makes it beneficial to have a company working on behalf of your website. A website that is only two years old may be vastly out of date, in regards to compatibility and functionality. SEO is always changing, by having a web design team helping your business, you can rest assured that you won’t get left behind in changing times.

In closing, a properly optimized website can have numerous benefits for your business. Proper keyword research ensures that your website will show up for an increased number of people. Earning and maintaining high rankings means that your business can enjoy a long term amount of new potential customers. A survey showed that 87% of people felt online content had an either a moderate or major impact on which company they would choose. Web design professionals can ensure that your highly ranked website stays fresh with engaging content.

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