Four Ideas For Improving Your School’s Scrolling Signage

Marquee signs for schools are a great idea. After all, the evidence shows that they really do get noticed. Polls show that 58% of people learn about something they’re interested in from a billboard, and more than a third of people say that they read outdoor ads every time they pass them. An even larger number, 71%, say that they often look at those digital signs and electronic message boards for schools or businesses, as well as at traditional signage.

The danger of all these marquee signs for schools is that they become boring and predictable. In fact, who hasn’t passed a school sign wishing everyone a safe summer, or carefully wishing everyone a sterile Happy Holidays to avoid making any ripples? Is there anything you can do with those marquee signs for schools that can make them stand out?

  • Make sure you’ve covered your school marquee basics. In other words, do you know how to use your sign effectively? Do you know what size fonts you should be using? The right font in the right size will attract attention. The wrong font or too many fonts on one message attract the wrong kind of attention. Never use more than two fonts on marque signs for schools, and give preference to those with wide stroke widths that are sans serif. The letters should be large enough that someone standing 100 feet away can easily read it, but not so big that you can’t fit your whole message on there. By all means, avoid a scrolling marquee sign that cuts off your message in a weird place so that it seems it’s saying something it’s not. Someone will definitely take it out of context and post it all over the internet.
  • It’s hard, but try to be funny. You’ll just have to trust us on this one: no one cares in the slightest that you’re wishing everyone a safe summer. What they will care about and remember is witty, clever signage. It’s always possible to take this too far, and no one wants to end up with signs that say anything offensive or risque. But it’s perfectly possible to be funny and laugh a bit at yourself without having to be crass or crude. Really.
  • Use colors and lights effectively, not annoyingly. If marque signs for schools are blinking so brightly they’re blinding drivers at dusk, everyone hates them. If there is such an enormous array of colors going on that no one can sort out the message, the message becomes hidden and useless. But a bit of color is eye-catching and desirable. Some red or green, silver or gold around the holidays or spirit colors during the day of the big game can provide welcome relief from boring white and black.
  • Consider a sparring match with a nearby marquee sign. You have to enter this fray carefully because it can quickly get out of hand. But if you have a generally good relationship with a nearby church, school, or business with a similar sign, you can really grab attention by speaking to one another via your electronic signs. Don’t let it descend into childishness, and never let it get personal or offensive. Keep it all in good fun, and remember that in addition to speaking at each other, you can also speak with each other.

There are plenty of other good ideas for making marquee signs for schools memorable, helpful, and fun. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it: just always keep things clean and friendly.

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