Fox News and Their Anchors

Fox news anchors

The anchors on Fox News host some of the most popular, and sometimes criticized, news programs on a cable news network. The evolution of the Fox News anchors began in 1996 when Rupert Murdoch launched to approximately 17 million cable subscribers.

Now the channel and popular Fox News anchors are available to over 100 million households, mostly in the U.S., but also available internationally. Rupert Murdoch, an Australian American media “mogul”, had a past history in news and even developed Europes first 24 hour news channel. He later used the Fox News anchors to propel the channel to the top of the ratings for cable news networks.

The Fox News anchors and programming is known for having conservative political positions and even showing some bias in reporting. Regardless of their critics take on positioning, as of a 2008 Nielsen Media Research study they have held the top cable news network spot for 27 consecutive quarters.

Fox News channel instituted the news ticker at the bottom of the television screen. During the attacks on September 11, 2001, they used this moving ticker to inform their viewers of the constant information about the attacks. According to Fox, it maintains it to continuously report and to add additional information to current stories. This moving news ticker is now prevalent across most news related channels and programming.

Fox News broadcasts live for up to 15 hours each day, mostly from the headquarters in New York City. The Fox News anchors and hosts include Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Mike Huckabee, Shepard Smith and Neil Cavuto. These hosts have programs in the top ten for cable news programs, furthering the channels top billing.

Fox News anchors see the largest increase in viewership during the major news stories. For example during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, viewership increased to approximately 3.3 million daily viewers. In the same vein, the 2004 Republican National Convention brought in over 7 million nation viewers. Regardless of the controversy and criticism of the channel the Fox News anchors see significant viewership.

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