Get the Right Chair Mat With These Tips

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The history of the chair is long. Evidence of their use dates back about 5,000 years. The office chair that had wheels was first invented by Charles Darvin in the 1880s but the chair itself did not gain real popularity in homes until the 1880s. In 1966, plastic chairs hit the furniture scene. In terms of the sale of office chairs and thick chair mats, the biggest market for these items is the United States, where the sales volume is expected to exceed $46,200 million in 2018. Online sales for office furniture generates about $12 billion in sales.

When it comes to chair mats, there are a number of kinds. One reason companies and individuals opt for thick chair mats and other types of custom chair mats is they make a workspace more ergonomic. Using the right professional office chair mats can prevent some injuries that happen in workplaces all over the nation. In 2001, more than one million people suffered from musculoskeletal disorders that were caused by issues at work. These work-related injuries cause businesses between $45 and $55 billion every year from reduced productivity and absenteeism, according to the National Research Council.

When companies are looking at different chair mats to make their workspaces safer and more comfortable for their workers, there are a few factors to take into consideration.

  • Look at the floor where you plan to place the chair mat. You will need a different kind of mat if you have carpet vs. a harder floor surface. If you have hard floor surface, you will need a thick chair mat was a mat that is too thin will crack and become useless within a short period of time. If there is any question, you should go with a more thick chair mat. There are a few reasons for this. In the first place, this will make the workstation more comfortable for your staff. It will also give your worker more support and can prevent some painful back problems. You should also make sure you do not get a thick chair mat for a hardwood floor that was made to be used on a carpeted floor. This can ruin your flooring.
  • If you have a carpet, you will need to measure it. Even if you think you know how deep it is, it is always worth measuring it to help you make sure you get the right carpet chair mat. One easy way to do this measurement is to use a straightened paper clip. Press it through the carpet until you feel it hit the floor underneath. Make sure you go all the way to the floor. Mark the paper clip at the point at which it is flush with the top of the carpet. When you remove the paperclip, you can measure to that point and, voila! You have the depth of the carpet in question.
  • Look at the area where the chair mat will be placed. You should measure the space where your worker is going to roll around in their office chair. Look to see where they may go without getting up from their chair. This is the roll area and should end up determining the size of your chair mat.The mat should not have to be put under furniture. It should fit in the space around your office furniture. If you have to, go with a small chair mat that has edges that has a bevel. Having a way for your workers to roll on and off of the chair mat is better than having it sit under desks or filing cabinets.
  • Get the right shape. After the size, you need the right shape. You will have three to pick from. You have rectangular chair mats, lip chair mats, and mats in the shape of a light bulb. The rectangular chair mats and the ones with a lip can be used in a number of situations and with a number of configurations. A lot of this will be determined by how you like the look of the different chair mats. If the workstation is in a corner, you will want to use a light bulb chair mat or a rectangular chair mat.

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