Half Of All People Buying Small Businesses Are First-Time Buyers The Appeal Of Starting Small

What to consider when selling a business

The economy looks like it’s taking another turn for the worse. Who would want to invest in a business nowadays?

Turns out selling your business isn’t a lost cause. There are still quite a few people out there who want to turn their money into a steady cash flow, whether it’s out of personal passion or an extension of a college degree. The best business acquisition strategy is one that taps into the root of why people want to own a business in the first place. You’ll have a much better time working with people of different interests and budgets, getting you ever closer to that coveted sale that will launch your own career elsewhere. Here’s why you need a business broker and acquisition services to set you completely straight.

How’s The Market Doing?

“Nobody buys businesses these days.” Put this stereotype to rest! Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and nowhere is this more clear than the very real demand for small and large businesses. It’s estimated there are 15 prospective buyers on the market for every single business listed for sale. Those are some pretty promising figures whether you’re a first-time seller or an experienced entrepreneur returning to a new marketplace. Acquisition services will bridge the gap no matter where you end up on the scale.

How Many People Buy Businesses These Days?

A business for sale will have more than enough people in line to have you considering different price ranges and timeframes. But how many? A BizBuySell.com Inisight Report saw nearly 8,000 businesses sold back in 2016. Of those businesses surveyed, roughly 65% of brokers said business owners were primarily looking to sell due to the more qualified buyers on the market. Although a struggling economy isn’t what anyone would call good news, it puts a buyer’s investment in better perspective.

What Are Popular Preferences When Buying A Business?

As stated above, everyone wants to buy a business for different reasons. Some reasons are more popular than others, though, and knowing which is which will narrow down your search exponentially. A Market Pulse survey found half of all people who bought small businesses were first-time buyers, while just 35% were serial entrepreneurs. This means less experienced people tend to prefer less to manage while starting out to encourage the highest probability of success. This same survey also saw 75% of people living within 20 miles of the business they chose.

What Else Should I Know About Selling My Company?

Clear up any lingering concerns right off the bat so you can put your business up on the marketplace with confidence. Retirement has been found to be the most popular reason to sell a business across all sectors. The National Association Of Small Businesses also saw the top three challenges of running a business these days are the cost of health insurance benefits, lower customer spending and economic uncertainty. This will steer your hand as you invest in acquisition services to get your business off to the best start possible.

How Do I Sell My Business?

It never hurts to refresh your memory with business acquisition services. The market today is both similar and entirely different, after all, and you stand the best possible chance when you get a crash course in sale smarts. A business valuation is a great way to determine how much your business is worth as determined by modern standards and similar companies in your industry. You can determine everything from your future cash flow to capping off your price in a way that’s enticing without selling you short. The three most popular business valuation methods are using an asset-based approach, an earning value approach or a market value approach.

Small businesses stimulate the economy and provide owners and customers more means of getting what they want. You’ll know when to call a business broker when you hear the future calling.
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