Hate Your Cubicle? Turn a Shipping Container Into a Portable Office!

Cargo container modifications

There are some people in the workforce who enjoy working in a cubicle… but for the rest of us, working in this type of environment can be a bit of a drag. Since tiny homes are all the rage, more people are trying out unconventional tiny work spaces, too.

Those who like to work alone (and who have an interest in going green) might want to consider this unique twist on recycling: turning a used shipping container into a portable office.
Of the 17 million shipping containers that currently exist in the world, only about 6 million of these are in use at any given time. This means that around 11 million shipping containers could be put to good use by being converted into homes or offices. If you’re considering putting an addition on your home for an office or want to expand your physical business, you can save a significant amount of building materials by turning a storage container into a portable office space.

Not only will you have the ease of moving your office wherever you might need to go, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of being able to reuse around 3,500kg worth of steel. You’ll probably get an increase in space, too; from 1992 to the present day, the average workstation has shrunk from 80 square feet to 39 square feet, and because the standard steel cargo container can hold around 3,500 shoe boxes, the benefits of switching to a mobile office are numerous!
In addition to both the recycling aspect and having more breathing room, there are several storage container modifications that can be performed to have a positive impact on productivity and personal satisfaction within your space. Doors, windows, and skylights can be added, as well as shelving and locking mechanisms. You can even find climate controlled containers for your comfort. Best of all, you can place your office wherever you’d like (even in your own backyard!), so it’s never been simpler to like where you work or work where you like.
Why pay for fancy new offices or go to work in a boring cubicle when you can easily find used steel storage containers to create your own portable office? The possibilities are endless, as are the number of shipping containers available. Whether you’re self-employed, part of a small business, or own a large corporation, reusing a spacious shipping container for an office is the way of the future — don’t get left behind!

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