How a Shipping Container can Transform to Home Sweet Home


As the old saying goes, there is nothing like home sweet home. A home can mean many thing to many people. Usually when children are asked to draw a home they usually list towards the conventional form of a square structure with a triangular roof, but in this day and age the shape of the modern home is changing drastically. In the last few years there has been a push by new home owners to think outside the box when it comes to creating their ideal homes. For example many people are using new and reclaimed materials to create their homes. One very popular building material for the modern home happens to be the conex containers and other types of houses made from shipping containers.

Advantages of Using a Shipping Container for a Home

The conex container has several advantages over traditional housing, for one it is highly durable and stable, conex containers are used for the shipping of heavy goods. Conex containers are also fairly inexpensive to procure as opposed to the building of a conventional home. While many people may not be used to the idea of conex container as a building material the idea is not necessarily new. The first uses of the container house were popular amongst those in the survival community for use as bunkers or alternative emergency housing. The containers were prized for there high tensile strength and resistance to the elements and other types of electromagnetic interference. The use of the shipping container as shelter has moved more into the mainstream, namely in the small house movement. There is an old joke about living on a houseboat, if you don’t like your neighbors you can lift up anchor and move. In the much the same way the container house has similar benefits. Depending on how moored in the house is constructed, it can easily be moved from one location to another with the use of a flatbed truck.

The Container house in many ways is also the friend to the environment. Consider the amount of resources it can take to build a brand new house. There are carbon issues dealing with the construction from, earth moving machines and other types of heavy equipment as well as the uses of new materials that come from tree sources. Compared to this type of construction the container is relatively low impact when it comes to the environment. Most containers are already used and require little for them to be used as housing apartment from plumbing and and electric concerns. When it comes to the traditional home, there is the capacity for energy waste due to construction flaws and gaps in the building envelope. With the shipping container they are generally constructed to be airtight due to their nature of being exposed to water on long barge trips. This means that they inherently have good insulation. When it comes to it the container house seems like an overall better choice when it comes to reducing the carbon foot print of housing.

The Shipping Container House is Worth Considering

Whether you are looking for a conventional home or something more eclectic, containers can be used in a variety of ways tot achieve you desired aesthetic. Depending on the the scale and complexity of your build, you may be able to do much of the work to make your container livable yourself. For the more complicated and tier builds, you can easily find consultants and builders that can give you the best advice of how to utilize your shipping container. There are several informative films and and information about container homes that can be found on the internet with a quick search.

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