How Air Cargo Services are Flying Your Online Purchases to You Faster

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Have you ever wondered how our online purchases or the products we see on store shelves get there? How does overnight shipping really work? How many countries and hands do our belongings pass through to get to us? Items shipping to South America or Europe first may very well wind up on our local shelves in the United States. Like other industries, the cargo shipping industry is growing and changing with the times. Air transportation revolutionized perishable items or items that needed to be moved quickly — think that two-day shipping or overnight shipping you added on your latest online purchase, for example. There are even airlines and certain routes that are completely dedicated to moving cargo from one place to another, both on a national and global scale! Air and ocean cargo are two main ways things are moved internationally, and domestically, items may either be stored at a central hub or moved directly to their final destination for door to door transport.
Tell Me About Air Cargo
Air cargo service is used by cargo companies to manage and control the stream of materials, energy, information, and other resources (such as products, services, and employees) from where the item or service is produced to the end sales destination. For example, it’s more expedient when shipping to South America from Europe, say, to use air cargo services rather than go by sea.
In 2012, almost $6.5 trillion worth of cargo was transported by the global aviation industry. Boeing, a plane maker, reported that aircraft who only carry cargo transport around 60% of international air-freight shipments. By the end of 2013, it was estimated by IBIS World research that the air cargo industry should have produced almost $75.5 billion in revenue. Indeed, air cargo is responsible for about 30% of the overall global shipment value.
Why Is Air Cargo Such a Favored Method of Cargo Transportation?
It’s such a valuable method of transport because of their increased control, shorter transportation times, and reduction in costs.
Air freight services tend to have more control over their shipping processes because of the time sensitive nature of the process. Additionally, products tend to arrive in better quality, because the transportation time is so limited. The risk of the products being damaged is greatly reduced. It’s also a chosen method of transportation for perishable items that need to be delivered quickly. Because of the quicker transportation time, packaging, freight, and labor costs can also be highly reduced. There’s better security surrounding the entire affair and the transportation times are also faster. Additionally, there are lower insurance premium rates for air cargo versus air or sea cargo. Shipping to South America from Asia has never been faster with air freight services!
Why Is Point to Point Transportation So Beneficial?
Another way you can get your items faster is when companies use point to point transportation, which can also be called door to door service. You may have also heard these terms used for regular transportation for passengers. It’s essentially any transportation system where the vehicle being used (plane, bus, train, etc.,) goes straight to a destination instead of moving through a main hub.
Using this kind of transportation cuts down on how much traveling time is required, thanks to faster and more effective transportation. There’s no need (or a reduced need) for adding in time for connections and can also cut down on the rate of damaged goods. It lets customers have their items faster, which looks good for the business as well. Using direct cargo transportation also lets the cargo be moved from place to place in a more eco-friendly way, because the travel time and stops made are reduced. Using recycled boxes and bags to ship products and focusing in on utilizing paper products for packaging can also help with the eco-friendly aspect!
Shipping to South America, Europe, or any point in the world has never been easier now with air freight services and increased focus on door to door transportation. Next time you click “two-day shipping,” think about all the ways those goods are making their way to your doorstep!

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