How Clothes Donations to Veterans can Make a Difference

Charity clothing donations

Clothes are an interesting commodity in the United States. Due to the varying seasons, the changing trends, and other factors, Americans are constantly buying and discarding clothes, which creates a enormous problem, but an equally enormous opportunity.

On average, Americans buy 70 pounds of clothes, linens, and other fabric products each year, which is more than double what they purchased 20 years ago. Roughly 5% of municipal waste is made up of fabric from these clothes and linens being thrown away.
By donating clothes, Americans can reduce waste going to landfills while helping veterans. Currently Americans donate or recycle roughly 15% of their used clothes, which adds up to 4.7 billion pounds of clothing each year.

While these are impressive and staggering numbers, there is incredible room for improvement and growth considering billions of pounds of textiles are still ending up in the landfills. Americans are overall very generous. In 2014 alone, total reported charitable giving was $358.38 billion. This does not count donations not reported to the IRS.

Donations to veterans are tax deductible, and smart givers only support groups that are registered nonprofits allowing their donation to be tax deductible. According to the IRS, if you donate any one item you are valuing at over $500, it must be appraised first and the appraisal must be provided along with the tax paperwork.

For many Americans, they want to help, but financially cannot afford to give money, which is why donating clothes is an even more viable option. Clothing donations to veterans provide resources needed to improve a basic quality of life. It is an easy and effective way to give back.

Veterans are those that have served the country through military service. The quality of living for veterans is a topic of hot debate for many as it is a common held belief that veterans deserve great respect and care for their service. This has resulted in numerous non-profit organizations that help veterans in a variety of different ways.

Clothing donations to veterans organizations is a simple way to reduce waste and help others. If you are wondering when to donate clothes or the best charities to donate to used clothes donations, simple research can show you the options in your area.

Many organizations also accept donations of household items such as coffee pots, cooking pans, dishes, and more. Anything that you are looking to get rid of but is still in usable condition. The requirements of what is accepted may vary, so it is also important to check first.

A simple way to make donating a normal part of your routine is by having a donation box in your house, so as you find things that you can donate, they can just go int he box. When the box is full, you drop it off and start a new box. This will make it simple to follow through with, and the whole family can be involved.

This also provides a great opportunity to teach children about the value of giving and the importance of veterans to American society. Encouraging them to donate their unused clothes will help them feel they are helping and a apart of something. You can even bring your kids with you when you drop them off, so they can see where the clothes are going.

When requesting a receipt for your donation, be sure to make sure you are happy with and approve the items listed and the listed value of those items. Once the receipt is signed and accepted, you can’t go back and change it later. Some organizations can allow you to register and be sent a receipt for total donations at the end of the year, which makes it easier to track, but is not always available.

Set aside clothes, linens, dishes, small appliances, household items, so you can make donations to veterans while reducing waste and making a positive impact on the world.

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